Katerina Mina, a fiery Kupava, projected her sweeping lines with assurance and
conviction -
Opera Magazine


Singing from the pulpit, Katerina Mina’s crystal clear voice exploited the acoustics of St. James’s perfectly, soaring through the building, down the aisles and up to the high ceiling.
The singing was heavenly -
The Daily Express


Katerina Mina played the role of Kupava in grandiose style, relishing
the dramatic possibilities - 



The casting of Katerina Mina is perfect. She is young, elegant, and her singing is superb- Plays to See



Sublime recital left us spellbound. Katerina Mina: a consummate musician - Colchester News



The surprise of the evening was the soloist, Soprano Katerina Mina. She added layers of depth
and visualisation to the African Sanctus, that any singer coming after her will be hard put
to replicate - 
Gulf Weekly


 Soprano Katerina Mina is beautiful and thoroughly convincing as the heartbroken heroine.
Even to someone who can only pick up the word «rien», it is captivating - 
Exeunt Magazine


The opulent-voiced Katerina Mina thoroughly inhabited Mimi in an emotionally convincing performance. She wowed audiences with both the beauty of her voice and the depth of her characterization - GoDubai News


Ms Mina was entirely convincing as the protagonist and had the audience with her every step of the way. Her final song portraying total desolation of her beloved was truly breathtaking. The closing bars were exquisitely executed and left the audience spellbound - Colchester News


Soprano Katerina Mina gave the full operatic treatment to «Help» by The Beatles, such with all the
passion of a Puccini heroine - 
The Daily Express



I was particularly impressed by Katerina Mina, who produced one of the best
«Come scoglios» I've heard from a singer of her age -
Musical Pointers



 The height of them was undoubtedly the discovery of soprano Katerina Mina, with a dark,
ravishingly beautiful soprano voice. Her first song drew a storm of applause and each song thereafter
had the same breathing sense of theatre, of ancient yearning and tragedy - 
Eastern Daily Press



Katerina has one of those clear-as-a-bell soprano voices, displayed with great charm
to the top of the register, and with generous volume - 
Musical Pointers


I particularly enjoyed her extract from Adriana Lecouvreur and she exactly caught the wistful
longing of Weber’s heroine, Agathe  - 
Musical Pointers



Katerina Mina dominated with the cantata «Berenice che fai» by Haydn. The smooth and
resplendent sound of her voice, as well as the sensual and comparably expressive performed sections
interweaved with the dynamic, precisely harmonized sounds of the orchestra - 
Ingolstadt News



 Soprano Katerina Mina gave a good vocal rendition of Nedda as well as displaying her natural
acting abilities– her ease and comfort on the stage visible and convincing, her high notes were all
well pitched and nicely rounded - 
The Cyprus Weekly



The highlight of the evening was Schumann’s «Frauenliebe und Leben». Katerina, with
her cultivated dramatic sense and her no-holds-barred passion made something special of
this poignant cycle - 
The Cyprus Weekly